The Last Man on Earth Club

Science Fiction
170,000 words
418 pages

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Six people are gathered for a therapy group deep in the countryside. Six people who share a unique and terrible trauma: each one is the last survivor of an apocalypse.

Each of them was rescued from a parallel universe where humanity was wiped out. They’ve survived nuclear war, machine uprisings, mass suicide, the reanimated dead, and more. They’ve been given sanctuary on the homeworld of the Interversal Union and placed with Dr. Asha Singh, a therapist who works with survivors of doomed worlds.

To help them, she’ll have to figure out what they’ve been through, what they’ve suffered, and the secrets they’re hiding. She can’t cure them of being the last man or woman on Earth. But she can help them learn to live with the horrors they survived.

This one won't leave you with the warm and fuzzies, but it will leave you thinking, and for me that's the mark of great science fiction.’ – Sift Book Reviews

Bonus: Webseries Scripts
The Last Man on Earth Club was originally intended to be a series of videos for the web. This never happened, but I did get as far as writing scripts for six episodes, which form an introduction to the characters. While there are a lot of differences between this and the novel, there are nevertheless some major SPOILERS contained below.