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Filming on a Microbudget

Non-Fiction: Film-Making
320 pages
3rd Edition (pub 2008)

Amazon US ($12.95) - Amazon UK (£6.99)
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For many years, I made short films. This book covers most of what I learned, especially regarding the practical issues of getting a film made. On the technical side, the book is already out of date (though it does cover HD formats, which were just becoming available in 2008) - but if you want an inexpensive guide to the organisational, logistical and artistic side of film production, this is the book for you.

Includes a case study of everything needed to make Blood Actually, a short film you can watch here.

Reviews on Amazon:
This book is not a how-to for budget film making but an overview in the process of film making in general. It's a back pocket sized reference for the practical indie side of film making and is written in clear language making for a decisively informative read. 
***** D. Raphael (Amazon US)

Walks through all the stages of making a short film covering a really wide range of topics all the way from Development to Distribution. Explains all sorts of practical issues and has a really good glossary. Teaches you most of the stuff I learnt on a two-year course at College for the price of a CD.

***** Neil Lenthall (Amazon UK)

Work in Progress: All That I See or Seem

Science Fiction
To be published in 2013

Brunsol Mindspear, Secretary of the Office for the Suppression of Heresy, only wishes to know one thing: the mind of God. Because in his world, prayers do not go unanswered. Not only that, but they must be made correctly by all the millions of people across the land, or the world will suffer. Heresy must be wiped out with terror and torture, lest it provoke plague and famine.

But his world is stranger than it seems. When Brunsol dies and meets his maker, he finds world upon world above his own, each one created within the next. In trying to discover who built his reality, he will come at last to know the mind of God, and whose mind that really is…

Current Status:
(Mar 22nd) First draft done! Now taking some time away from it to get some perspective. Second draft follows in April/May, then it goes out to beta readers, then it gets redrafted again, then I have all the joy of formatting it for Kindle, Smashwords and CreateSpace. Expect publication later in 2012.