Short Films

Once upon a time, I used to make short films. Most of them were very silly. Some were quite thoughtful. One or two might even have featured therapists working in bizarre, fantastical situations. Such crazy ideas I used to have :-)

Satnav Lifestyle
Your guide through life, death and roundabouts.
(Thanks to Amelia Tyler for doing all the YouTubey stuff!)

(note: this is a playlist of eight episodes)

Blood Actually
For a vampire, love is only a bite away...

Bunny's Job
One woman's crappy day at work. As a rabbit.

If ever anyone needed a counsellor, it's the newly dead...

The Interview
Possibly the best candidate for the job you could ever meet.

A Screenwriter's Guide to Inspiration
Some people read a few too many books about screenwriting...

As dirty as you think it's going to be.