Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BOGOF, the lot of you!

A whole month of happy writing has gone by and I've not written a word on this here blog. Oh, well, I'll likely have a bit more of a chance soon, given that I'm 90K into the new novel, and can't possibly make it stretch much further than 115K.

Anyway! I'll be taking part in another one of these wondrous Win With Ebooks promotions again this month; this time, the deal is that you buy one of the books on the list and get another one for free! Also there are Amazon gift cards and suchlike to be given away. Blogging peeps can get more chances to win by mentioning us. More details at winwithebooks.com!

It all runs between March 15th-18th, and the participating books have all been reduced to 99c (or stirling/euro equivalent) for the duration of the whole shebang. So it's a good time to grab a book anyway.

And should you wish to enter the happy competition, say hello to my friend the Rafflecopter!

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