Sunday, 22 May 2011

Live! And strangely no apocalypse...

So, yesterday the world didn't end. This is a typical, one might even say commonplace event, remarkable only in its continual and somewhat repetitive occurrence. Harold Camping, the prophet of doom, is suddenly unavailable for comment, and the poor man who went to Times Square in the company of an NYT journalist is now trying to figure out what he's going do after he wasted all his money buying adverts proclaiming there wasn't going to be any advertising any more.

Meanwhile, I finished my book, in which there are many and diverse apocalypses, very few of which have any religious significance. Amazon accepted it swiftly, and it's gone live only a day later. Smashwords has it too, and in a week or so it may be available on many other bookstores throughout the known ebooksphere.

All that remains is to actually tell people about it.

Hi there!

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  1. Or just let me know and I tell the world wohahahaa