Sunday, 12 June 2011

Things That Are Happening

One or two or possibly even three announcements here!

1. I'm taking part in the Coffeemugged Summer Read Indie Giveaway - they're giving away a hundred books between 15th June and 31st July, and mine's one of them! So click on the nice red coffee receptacle to find out more.

2. I'm also taking part in Cindy Borgne's wonderful Tour of SF & Fantasy Authors at Dreamer's Perch, which starts on the 13th of June. It's a focus on new and established authors of excellent indie books, and features some awesome people. There may be interviews of a lengthy and informative kind!

3. Triple Hit, the SF action movie I helped to write and produce, has a US DVD release on the 14th of June. Go to Amazon to grab a copy, or pay a visit to the website and say hi to Huw and Chris and all the crazy people who helped us get away with it get the film made!

More news as it comes, and maybe some general musing later on.

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