Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BOGOF, the lot of you!

A whole month of happy writing has gone by and I've not written a word on this here blog. Oh, well, I'll likely have a bit more of a chance soon, given that I'm 90K into the new novel, and can't possibly make it stretch much further than 115K.

Anyway! I'll be taking part in another one of these wondrous Win With Ebooks promotions again this month; this time, the deal is that you buy one of the books on the list and get another one for free! Also there are Amazon gift cards and suchlike to be given away. Blogging peeps can get more chances to win by mentioning us. More details at winwithebooks.com!

It all runs between March 15th-18th, and the participating books have all been reduced to 99c (or stirling/euro equivalent) for the duration of the whole shebang. So it's a good time to grab a book anyway.

And should you wish to enter the happy competition, say hello to my friend the Rafflecopter!

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  1. Hm, let's try this again. Looks like it didn't actually post this morning.

    Just finished Last Man On Earth Club, bravo! Just the right level of twistiness, never descending into M.Night-ness and making sense in retrospect.

  2. Hm. It swallowed my reply, too. (the first time, anyway). And I had such a good M Night gag in there as well, that will never now be known...

    Anyway: glad you liked my twisty novel! And apologies for having been a stranger these many years.

    You must tell me what crazy things you've been up to. YOU MUST.

    1. Well, not at Ohio State anymore. :) Currently in a one-year job and trying to get onto the tenure track, I've got a handful of professional publications in my career stuff, plus a couple of sales on the fiction/gaming side, but mostly my fiction is still hobby-level and I expect to keep it that way.

      Academy of Super-Heroes is still running (http://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/ASH), art is still happening (dvandom.com), I'm still actually using Usenet (plus livejournal, facebook, deviantArt, etc).

    2. Anyway, where was I before illness, work and writing interrupted me? (they do that a lot; my voice, in particular, has contrived to get itself lost in these last few days)
      Thanks for all the FB invites - I'm still trying to get my head into this social media stuff, which is difficult when you're a dedicated, placard carrying introvert :-) (but I need to get myself into the 21st century, I suppose...)
      Glad to hear that all the creative endeavours are still endeavouring, and hope that tenure comes (as all good things must) to those who keep banging away at the door with enough natural door-opening talent that the portal cannot but swing open at your command...
      (well, that sounded a bit weird. Time to go back to my sickbed, I think, or else I'll get nothing at all done tomorrow...)