Sunday, 3 July 2011

There went Sunday

I might have written something a bit more interesting today, but then I looked at the podcasts that had updated on iTunes lately. And yay, Dan Carlin's done another episode of Hardcore History, finishing the series he was on: Death Throes of the Republic.

It's the story of the decline and fall of the Roman Republic. Not the Empire. The Senate-led republic that overthrew the old Roman kings and persisted until a series of opportunists went to war against each other to try and take control of it, giving the last man standing, Augustus, a chance to make himself king in all but name and then pass that role along to his descendants.

So this is part six. Normal episodes are about an hour and a half: a lot to get through, but great if you have something tedious to get on with. But this episode isn't an hour and a half.

It's five and a half hours.

So there goes any hope of doing anything that involves my brain today. I'm far too much of a sucker for good, well-written history. You may think I'm mad for listening to a 5.5 hour podcast about events that too place more than two thousand years ago. And you'd probably be right. Mad with a capital MAAAD.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and be mad for a few hours...

(meanwhile, my book got a nice review from a gentleman called Malachi, while an exponent of Bookish Ardour will shortly be reviewing it as well. Good lord, I have actual readers out there somewhere!)

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