Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Stuff!

First off, that paperback version of The Last Man on Earth Club is done and available for sale on People are already buying it - a bit of a surprise since I haven't done much marketing yet, but a nice surprise all the same!

Sadly, it's unlikely to come to any time soon, because CreateSpace books only go on Amazon's US site. I could have done a Lulu version, but decided not to bother once I found out how much they wanted me to charge for the book. So you'll have to get it from the US for now - sorry!

The blog's been updated with lots of new material - pages for books and films I've done, plus a bonus for Last Man on Earth Club fans: the scripts for the original version of the story, when it was intended to be made as a series of short films on the web. Plus you can now see Satnav Lifestyle, the last film I made, thanks to my co-conspirator Amelia Tyler putting it up on YouTube for all to see.

Plus you don't have to go to all the trouble of downloading a sample of The Last Man on Earth Club if you just want to check it out - the sample is now here on the blog, powered by the nice people at Goodreads. Or you can just read some reviews, if you like.

I should probably go and tell more people about all this, now :-)

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