Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Worlds have been built

Just finished all the world building for the new novel - well, probably. I'll likely have to refine it all when I get a decent way into the actual writing, and deliberately left some details on the last few universes a bit vague in case the story goes somewhere completely different.

(see, this is a second novel, so I'm trying to learn from the first one...)

So now I have to go back into that general story plan I wrote a few months ago, and update it with all the strange things I learned while figuring out how these seven universes work. I'll probably get into the first draft proper very early in January. If the last book is anything to go by, and if the new one turns out to be about half the length (still novel sized!), then I should be done sometime in 2012.

Hopefully before the world ends.

(well, actually, pretty much definitely before the world ends, but that's another story entirely)

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